COVID-19 Mobile Sanitising Buggy for Hire

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Designed to sanitize large public areas quickly and efficiently.

COVID-19 Mobile Sanitising Buggy for Hire

Introducing the 1800BUGGIES “COVID-19 Mobile Sanitising Buggy”


  • Schools
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Parklands
  • Caravan parks
  • Hospital surrounds
  • All general public spaces
  • And more
The “COVID-19 Sanitising Buggy” is equipped with Boom spray tank and hand gun with wide spray nozzle and hose to quickly sanitise doors, rubbish bins, petrol bowsers, bus stops, shop fronts and more.  In tough times of Covid-19 pandemic it is everyone’s responsibility to improve hygiene practices and businesses to comply with the highest standards of sanitation. 1800BUGGIES understand that it is also paramount to engage in such actions frequently and thoroughly in order to prevent contamination. 
At this stage, our only weapon to prevent the spread of the virus is to elevate our hygiene standards. Essential services are still operational, and many people are still required to attend to their workplaces,  areas of high foot traffic and shared contact surfaces may unfortunately continue to forge the spread of the disease.

Designed to sanitise large public areas quickly and efficiently.

We at 1800BUGGIES believe our sanitizing buggies can assist you in achieving the highest hygiene standards.
This easy to operate compact vehicle is designed to sanitize large public areas quickly and efficiently.
1800BUGGIES can offer you a one-person operated machine affording mobility and cord-free operation to jet clean all general public spaces, flooring and runways, hard surfaces, glass doors and windows, and more.

1800BUGGIES sanitizing buggy comes with boom spray and hand gun with wide spray nozzle and hose. You can receive a complete manual and online tutorials included with your rental pack.

Our buggies are road registered and are available on trailers for quick mobilisation Australia wide.


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