ERMS Group | Andrew Murray JP, Director Operations

We confirm in writing the excellent services and professionalism of the equipment that 1800 BUGGIES have provided to the ERMS Group.

1800 BUGGIES provided medical mules, and standard mules for our use at events, and as professional risk and emergency management consultants, the vehicles enabled our team, as well as the medical response component to provide a better response to the incidents.

Historically our office, has hired “electric golf carts”, which are generally been the same price as the 1800 BUGGIES vehicles, but no where near the functionality or the length of operation.

We are more than happy to recommend the use of 1800 BUGGIES vehicles to any prospective client, and the ERMS Group will be using 1800 BUGGIES every chance we can.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.