1800 BUGGIES offers the the best Mule Fuel Mini Tanker for hire which is made especially for manoeuvring around sites to meet your event refuelling needs. To refill diesel-powered equipment on site, look no further than this mini box trailer. Simply attach it to any of our 4×4 diesel utility vehicles and painlessly refill light towers, generators, and mules as you go. With a wide range of easy to use features, this trailer is designed to save you time and money on the day.

The buggy comes complete with a compact 6×4 trailer, permanently battery powered and easily recharged by solar panel. In addition to this, the buggy fuel trailer comes with a huge fuel capacity of 300 to 400 litres, complete with an automatic shut off gun, litre counter and long fuel hose. These features take the guesswork out of your day to make refuelling as easy and time efficient as possible. But it doesn’t stop there: as a multipurpose buggy, the light Fuel trailer can be taken on the road too. Simply attach the mule trailer to your car and tow it to the nearest petrol station for a refill.


The best Mule Fuel Mini Tanker for hire



To get this mini box trailer at your event in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, call us now for an obligation free quote to take the guesswork out of your event.

Buggy Trailer Features:

– Convenient 6×4 trailer
– Easily towed on site and on road
– 300-400L capacity
– Automatic shut off gun
– Litre counter
– Long fuel house
– Permanently powered by a battery, charged with a solar panel

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