All Terrain Vehicles


A world-leading amphibious all-terrain vehicle with multifunctioning ATV tracks


Serious Grunt in All Terrains

Need an ATV that performs on all terrains? The ARGO ATV packs a serious grunt with steel and rubber tracks that challenges the toughest snow, marshes, water and other extreme surfaces

Versatile and Reliable

Whether you’re towing loads around your property, or navigating a mining site, ARGO ATVs combine the stability of a 4x4 buggie with the strength of an off-road vehicle - making it one of the most versatile ATVs in the market.

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Climb, Crawl, or Swim

Get high performance with load-carrying capabilities like no other. ARGO ATVs will climb, crawl or swim to where you have to go while carrying the equipment and tools you need.

Safety First

Feel secure knowing that the ARGO has your safety as a priority. With stringent safety checks, regular maintenance, and comprehensive safety guides, ARGO ATVs provide a run that’s smoother than any Ute or 4WD. This means lesser hiccups for your trip!

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Snow Ready ATV

Snowy weather ahead? Double your ARGO up as a snowcat vehicle and travel across the snowiest tracks! ARGO’s 6×6 or 8×8 range is ideal for powder snow, deep snow and rocky mountain terrains.

Convenient Collection and Delivery

Hire an ARGO ATV from 1800BUGGIES, and collect it conveniently whenever you're ready. Alternatively, ask for our delivery option and we’ll get it right to your doorstep on time.

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Explore the ARGO Range

No matter your needs, there’s an ARGO ATV for you at an affordable cost. We stock a wide range of ARGO’s 2, 4, and 6-seater models in 4WD and petrol - giving you the best choice possible.


Short or long-term hire options available around Australia.

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