Tinger Track 2 All Terrain Amphibious vehicles for hire

Tinger Track 2 ATV Hire

A comfortable yet formidable ATV with full rubber tracks.

Full Rubber-Tracked ATV

The Tinger Track 2 ATV is a fully rubber-tracked ATV that adds a smoother ride while getting the job done. With an outstanding track record for stability, power, and reliability - it’s a world leader.

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Built for the Terrains

Designed to withstand the most treacherous terrain, the Tinger Track 2 is the ultimate navigator that will take you through any mudflats, salt lakes, snow tracks, swamps, rivers, solar farms, and mine sites.


  • Lightweight construction with 500 wide tracks
  • Massive ground clearance of 330mm - the best in its class
  • 500 kg payload
  • 800kg towing capacity
  • Ground speed: 40 km/hour
  • 100% amphibious
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Unbelievable Horsepower

Tough and powerful for your every adventure. The Tinger Track 2 is equipped with a 57HP water-cooled unleaded engine and a CVT transmission.

Popularly used in:

  • Search and rescue
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Commercial spraying
  • Law enforcement
  • Vegetation management
  • Utility companies
  • Snowcat vehicle patrol and rescue
  • Field drilling
  • Council and land surveying
  • Army and defence
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IMG-9957 Track 2 Amphibious

Challenge Terrains in Safety and Comfort

Get maximum comfort and safety for you and your passengers. The Tinger Track 2 at 1800BUGGIES comes with complimentary ergonomic bucket seats, roof, windscreen, seat belts, side mirrors and a comfortable rear passenger bench seat that converts into storage.

Ready for Winter

Breeze through snow tracks! The Tinger Track 2 doubles up as a snowcat vehicle to take you across the snowiest paths and toughest mountains!



  • 40 degrees uphill operation,
  • 45 degrees downhill operation,
  • 30-degree side slopes operation,
  • Ability to cross ditches, gaps and cracks with a 1m width.


  • 6 passengers on land
  • 4 passengers on water
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Convenient Collection and Delivery

Hire a Tinger Track 2 from 1800BUGGIES, and collect it conveniently whenever you're ready. Alternatively, ask for our delivery option and we’ll get it right to your doorstep on time.


Short or long-term hire options available around Australia.

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