Tinger Track 2 All Terrain Amphibious vehicles for hire

Tinger Track 2

The Tinger Track 2 All Terrain Amphibious vehicle from 1800BUGGIES is the world leader when it comes to fully tracked Rubber ATV's. You don’t need to look any further than this remarkable fully tracked ATV Vehicle. This unique ATV is designed and built to take you and your passengers in style and comfort to the most remote and extreme terrain.


The Tinger is tough and powerful with a 57HP water cooled unleaded engine, coupled with a CVT transmission the TINGER Track 2 will take you anywhere.

The TINGER is designed to withstand the most treacherous terrain and is the ultimate ATV for Mud flats, salt lakes, snowy mountains, swamps, rivers, solar farms, mine sites and 100% amphibious.

Widely used and recommended for search and rescue, agriculture, mining, law enforcement. Commercial spraying, vegetation management, utility companies, snow patrols and rescue, field drilling, army, council, and surveying.

The 1800BUGGIES TINGER is equipped with a roof, winch, ROPS, windscreen, Ergonomic bucket seats, seat belts, side mirrors and a comfortable rear passenger bench seat that can fold away to provide massive tub storage area for tools and equipment.
1800BUGGIES provide the TINGER for hire with and complete "Mine Spec".



  • 40 degrees uphill operation,
  • 45 degrees down hill operation,
  • 30 degree side slops operation,
  • and able to cross ditches gaps and cracks with a 1m width.

Seating Capacity: 

  • 6 Passenger on land
  • 4 passenger on water

Features includes :

  • Light weight construction and 500 wide tracks.
  • The TINGER Track 2 has a massive ground clearance of 330mm, the best in its class. 
  • 500kg Pay load, 800KG towing capacity
  • The TINGER has a ground speed of 40Km per hour speed.