2 & 3 Seater Buggies

Buggy Features

As standard all our buggies are 4WD, automatic transmission and have seat belts, head lights and an approved R.O.P.S (Roll Over Protection Structure) Safety is paramount for 1800BUGGIES so in addition we equip our buggies with a roof, orange beacon and reverse buzzer. Mine Spec buggies are available upon request.


Dependable and Compact.

Our family of small 4x4 unleaded, side x side buggies are ideal for smaller confined spaces and small jobs. They can Handle a wide variety of tasks with the ability to tread lightly and manoeuvre in tight areas. At 1.3m wide they are lightweight and compact and can fit in our small 8x5 trailers also available for hire. Perfect for transporting 2 people from A-B.

They are quiet and can still haul up to 200kg of materials such as dirt, gravel, rocks and hay, the cargo bed manually tilts up to make unloading cargo easy.


Heavy Duty and Tough

Our fleet of full-size UTV’s combine the rugged capability and versatility with the muscle of a diesel engine. These high-capacity buggies have the ability to move gear, tools, materials and people safely and efficiently. With a massive 900kg towing capacity and 500kg cargo bed capacity these buggies are up to any task.

Heavy duty suspension provides an incredibly comfortable ride over any terrain plus the unstoppable traction of 4x4 and diff locks will get you through the wet, mud, and up the steep hills with ease