Disabled Buggy Hire

Disabled Buggy Hire

Adapted for wheelchair mobility. Hire our electric wheelchair buggy and save costs on your event or project.


Reliable And Economical

1800BUGGIES range of disabled-friendly buggies ensure your passengers are securely transported in comfort. Whether it’s a 1-day festival or a 6-month project, these reliable buggies offer an economical mode of transport for those in wheelchairs.


100% Electric

Save fuel and maintenance costs when you hire a fully electric wheelchair buggy. Our 100% battery-operated buggies are kinder to your wallet and the environment.


6-seater Wheelchair Buggies

Choose between our range of 4 to 6-seater buggies with customisable wheelchair features. These flexible buggies can be efficiently managed to suit any type of passenger travel.


Multifunctional Use

Combining functionality and style, our modern vehicles are perfect for festivals, stadiums, sports grounds, airports, tourist attractions, and any vast space.



Keep your event NDIS-friendly and show your commitment to wheelchair mobility. Our wheelchair buggies are specifically catered to meet the requirements of NDIS participants.

Why buy a buggy when you can hire one?

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