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Event Buggy Hire

1800BUGGIES was born from a demand for quality buggies to deliver, transport and carry loads beyond the capacities of a typical “golf cart”. We have an outstanding history of servicing the festival and event industry by offering diesel buggies for events that use this as the primary fuel source.

With ample provision of diesel in powering these events which require the running of generators and light towers, our comfortable, tough, reliable and good-looking diesel buggies are the ideal choice of buggy for all events. We are proud to work with Australia’s pinnacle events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix and premier Music Festivals.

Our little workhorses are capable of towing heavy loads, such as rubbish trailers and moving those light towers, and the large cargo trays to carry all the necessary equipment to build these enormous events make our buggies the preferred choice.

With a range of service vehicles for VIP transport to event cleaners, sanitising and security needs, our buggies have proved time and time again that we are the turnkey one-stop-shop for your buggy needs. We offer 2, 4, and 6 person buggies, plus medical buggies and site trailers.


With Australia’s largest fleet, 1800 Buggies is capable of delivering over 50 buggies for any one event. With some of our customers now celebrating a 20-year partnership with us, we are proud to say our service speaks for itself.