Event and Construction

Trailers for Hire

We offer trailers for hire for Event and construction companies that need efficient solutions to transport heavy objects, equipment, furniture & fittings, and displays to-and-from the venue. As we know, rubbish collected at the end of the project or event will also need to be sent to the tip.

If your event has heavy-moving, hire a site-trailer from 1800BUGGIES. Established in 2001, 1800BUGGIES has been servicing the event industry in Australia for nearly two decades. We provide a comprehensive rental service of utility vehicles, site-trailers and passenger trailers at competitive prices.

We also offer trailers for hire so you can collect your buggy from us. Heavy Duty dual axle trailers designed specifically to transport our buggies. These trailers some with ramps, tie down straps and hydraulic brakes so your tow vehicle doesn’t need electric brakes.



Flexible sizes

We have 4 x 6 trailers, 8 x 5 trailers and 10 x 6 tandem trailers for all types of heavy moving logistics.

Towing options

Our trailers can be easily towed by one of our 4×4 diesel Kawasaki Mules or Kubota RTVs. You can also tow it with your own car.

Caged or flat-decked options with dual opening

Our flat-decked trailers can be easily converted into a caged trailer with a 600mm removable cage. A caged trailer makes it easier to secure your load and allows for a more flexible arrangement. All our trailers have ramp and rear door configurations, making it easier for you to load and unload long or odd shaped objects.


We buy only the best trailer brands. The heavy-duty Checker plate floor and solid galvanised iron frame can support even the heaviest equipment, so you can transport your expensive sound system or heavy machinery with total peace of mind.

Competitive prices

1800BUGGIES is committed to offering our clients the best price options in Australia. Call us today to find out how much savings you can make with one of our site-trailer hires.

Australia-wide delivery

1800BUGGIES has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. If you hire our utility vehicles and trailers we will arrange delivery to anywhere in Australia. Hire a utility vehicle and a trailer at the same time and use the trailer to transport the utility to the site.

Call today on 1800BUGGIES (1800 284 443) for a free no-obligation quote.