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Our fleet of ATVs and UTVs are versatile, high-performing and go-anywhere that outperform golf buggies.

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COVID-19 Mobile Sanitising Buggy for Hire

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Argo ATV Hire

Our fleet of Argo ATVs are versatile, high-performing and go-anywhere that will help you get the job done

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Welcome to Patons Event Hire

Welcome to 1800 BUGGIES

As the leading hirer of buggies and utility vehicles (UTV/ATV) throughout Australia, our team are experienced at delivering the solution require. Based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, just some of the models we stock include Kawasaki Mules, Kubota RTVs, Landboss UTVs, Polaris Ranger Crew UTVs and Medical Mules.

We currently cater to corporations and world-stage events nationwide such as:

  • Sporting and motor sports
  • Surf life saving
  • Turf
  • Music festivals
  • Equestrian
  • Construction
  • Mining and exploration
  • Field days and shows
  • Medical events



Utility vehicles for hire

Our utility vehicles are a great alternative to conventional golf carts. They’re more robust and offer extra features, including more storage, greater towing capacity, a tipping cargo tray, AC power outlets and room for up to six people.

Available models include Kawasaki mules, Kubota RTVs, Landboss UTVs, Polaris Ranger Crew UTVs and Medical Mules. Choose between petrol, diesel, electric and/or 4WD, and between two-seaters, four-seaters and six-seaters.

What’s more, we can customise any utility vehicle to meet your needs, whether you’re after alternative tyres, a mini box trailer, tow hitches, hydraulic lifts, extra lighting, a 400L diesel tank or a weather-protective roof and windscreen.

All vehicles meet OH&S obligations, including roll over protection structures, seat belts, reverse beepers, headlights, tail lights and brake lights.


Utility vehicles for sale

We have a wide range of new and used utility vehicles available for sale, including Kawasaki mules, Kubota RTVs, Landboss UTVs, Polaris Ranger Crew UTV and Medical Mules.

Our vehicle solutions cover a diverse variety of industries, including construction, viticulture, mining, surveying, landscaping, hunting and event management, from cleaning to security.

Whether you buy a Kawasaki Mule or a Polaris Ranger Crew UTV through us, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of all aspects of delivery. In addition, our excellent staff members are available for onsite assistance.

In fact, you can think of us as a one stop shop, as we also offer parts and accessories for most vehicle brands.


Utility vehicle transport

Whatever type of utility vehicle needs moving, be it a Kawasaki Mule, Kubota RTV, Landboss UTV, Polaris Ranger Crew UTV or a Medical Mule, we can take care of it here at 1800 BUGGIES.

Of course, we’ve had plenty of experience with transportation, as we move our own vehicles around the country regularly – from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne and back again. So, we’re well equipped to look after yours.

Whether you hire us for local or interstate transportation, you’ll be impressed by our professional service, punctuality and reliability.


Get in touch

To find out more about utility vehicles for hire, utility vehicles for sale or utility vehicle transport, call today on 1800 BUGGIES (2844437)

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1800 BUGGIES Testimonials

I would like to personally thank everyone at 1800 BUGGIES that helped deliver two successful Ceremonies for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. Over a billion people around the world tuned in to watch the Opening & Closing Ceremonies, and your professionalism, dedication and delivery were integral to this success. It was a pleasure to work with your team during procurement, planning, delivery and decommissioning of the project. I wish you much success for the future and look forward to working with 1800 BUGGIES again soon.

- Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games | Scott Buchanan, Technical Director, Opening & Closing Ceremonies

We confirm in writing the excellent services and professionalism of the equipment that 1800 BUGGIES have provided to the ERMS Group. 1800 BUGGIES provided medical mules, and standard mules for our use at events, and as professional risk and emergency management consultants, the vehicles enabled our team, as well as the medical response component to provide a better response to the incidents. Historically our office, has hired “electric golf carts”, which are generally been the same price as the 1800 BUGGIES vehicles, but no where near the functionality or the length of operation. We are more than happy to recommend the use of 1800 BUGGIES vehicles to any prospective client, and the ERMS Group will be using 1800 BUGGIES every chance we can. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

- ERMS Group | Andrew Murray JP, Director Operations

We used a couple of the Kawasaki PRO DX diesel models for the 2018 Rip Curl Pro World Tour Event at Bells Beach. It has a serious amount of grunt to pull our Jet Ski’s up and down a pretty solid hill and across the worst sand on the planet. They never failed us once! The event needs reliable equipment and we didn’t need to worry about the buggies ever. If no one complains then the job is easy! No one complained and it made our job really easy! You guys rock! See you next year!

- Rip Curl Pro (Surfing Victoria) | Pete Murphy, Operations Manager

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