Electric Buggies

Electric Buggies

Affordable Utility Terrain Vehicles

Whisper quiet with zero emissions and the bonus of long range. These key benefits makes Electric Buggies are genuine option for maintaining golf courses, parks and gardens. With zero exhaust – they are the obvious choice when ventilation is limited in factories, warehouses and other enclosed spaces.

The Rear wheel drive has a lockable rear diff option if maximum traction is required. If however you want maximum manoeuvrability you can unlock the rear diff (Turf Mode) and be gentle on your lawns and other less rugged surfaces.

Electric buggies work just as hard as their engine equivalent with way less noise, no exhaust fumes and is much cheaper to run.

Other advantages of electric buggies are their lower operating costs – no petrol, diesel or LPG. No engine oil or filter changes and they are as rugged as any other utility terrain vehicle. The specs include a plastic roof, full front windscreen, huge front frame, side door, head rest and cast aluminium wheels. 1800 BUGGIES now has Electric Buggies in our rental fleet, enquire now to check availability for your project

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