4 & 6 Seater Buggies

Buggy Features

As standard all our buggies are 4WD, automatic transmission and have seat belts, head lights and an approved R.O.P.S (Roll Over Protection Structure) Safety is paramount for 1800BUGGIES so in addition we equip our buggies with a roof, orange beacon and reverse buzzer. Mine Spec buggies are available upon request.


Comfort and Convenient

Our four and six passenger buggies all have power steering and are designed for tough work applications with a greater focus on cargo carrying and transportation of people at the same time. These buggies can be transformed by easily converting the rear bench seat into extra cargo space, making it the workhorse of choice for when you need to transport staff and/or carry large loads of cargo.

They also present themselves as a flash VIP buggy for moving special guests, artist’s, project managers, and directors around any site, be it a festival, wedding or construction project.

Safety First

Our buggies undergo stringent safety checks, regular maintenance and we provide access to safety guides to ensure that everything can run smoothly. For events and projects where there is a lot of foot traffic (workers or punters), our buggies can represent a safer option to Utes or 4WDs due to restricted speed limits and reduced risk in case of accidents.