Why Hire? The Hidden Advantages of Buggy Hire

May 13, 2024


Since the beginning of utility vehicles, buggy hire has been extremely popular among Aussie businesses. Buggies, or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), are highly efficient for businesses' day-to-day operations and events. It’s so popular, in fact, that Australia’s ATV and UTV market is predicted to reach USD $980.12 by 2030. 

While they may be popular, sometimes buying one isn’t feasible.  

As the supplier of Australia’s largest fleet of utility vehicles, we’ve seen the positive impact buggy hires can have on companies. However, many business owners are unaware of just how much hiring an ATV can be beneficial compared to buying one. 

So, if you’re considering using a buggy for your company or event, here are some lesser-known benefits.  


Updated ATVs

Buggies generally undergo continuous upgrades and changes by their manufacturers (i.e. mobility and safety improvements). It’s common for popular manufacturers like Tinger and Argo ATVs to release new versions of their existing ATVs that are safer and more reliable. 

Hiring a new buggy gives you access to the latest equipment, which will help your business work faster and more efficiently. This is crucial in industries like mining and construction, where getting projects done on time is necessary. 

So why buy a model that would become less desirable in a couple of months when you can rent the latest one?  

Right buggy for the right job 

With so many buggies on the market, it can be challenging to select one that suits your specific projects. Sometimes, companies end up buying two buggies for two different work scenarios. 

Hiring a buggy typically involves discussing your unique needs with your provider and then getting their recommendations. This means you are speaking to experts who can help you choose the right buggy for the right job (i.e. how fast your buggy should go, what site grounds you operate, if your buggy is required for compact spaces). 

This process greatly improves efficiency and reduces downtime. Businesses that need different types of buggies for different workflows can further optimise their process by returning the used buggy and renting another one, giving them peace of mind that they will not have to worry about the old buggy. 

Cost control 

Owning a buggy has many hidden costs. Here are some of the main ones you’ll have to consider: 

  • Hefty upfront investment
  • Tools for repairs and maintenance
  • Buying spare machinery parts in the event of wear and tear
  • Paying for technician labour costs
  • Setting aside capital for emergency repairs
  • Paying for long-term preventative maintenance
  • The possibility of cost escalation for repairs and maintenance


Instead of worrying about these operational costs, hiring a buggy helps you eliminate all of that. The only costs you’ll have to pay during rental are the rental price, fuel, and any damages to the buggy. 

Not only can businesses avoid paying a high upfront and maintenance cost, buggy rentals are also 100% tax deductible. Operational costs, maintenance, and repairs are also typically managed by the other rental company, allowing you to spend crucial resources on other aspects of the project. 

In other words, you’re getting the latest, most efficient buggy for a fraction of the cost. 

Significant time savings 

Maintaining and managing an ATV takes significant time and effort, and many businesses find themselves spending too much administrative time ensuring that their buggies are performing at their best. Hiring a buggy ensures that you don't need to worry about spare parts and accessories, as the rental company will handle it for you. 

Some ATVs can also take a long to arrive after purchase, with a wait time of as long as 6 months. For companies working on a project deadline, this will affect your productivity and project completion times.  

Businesses that hire buggies can save time updating their ATVs and significantly reduce the wait. On average, all clients that rent a buggy from 1800BUGGIES can have their buggies delivered to them within 2 days.  

Space savings 

Smaller businesses with limited space will have difficulties storing their buggies. For example, festival organisers may find it more suitable to hire a festival buggy than buying one due to office space constraints. Many festivals operate with a 6-person buggy with a sizing dimension of 3.5m long x 1.6m wide, so finding the space to store it can be quite a challenge. 

By hiring, you can have peace of mind without worrying about securing and storing your buggy because it can be returned as soon as it’s used. You can also be assured that the buggy has been used regularly and performs well instead of sitting idle for a long period of time. 


Did you know that hiring a buggy is better for the environment? According to research, renting recruitment can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% to 50%, making them highly sustainable.

Renting your buggy maximises its usage and ensures that it is consistently reused. Additionally, rental companies care for their buggies and maximise their lifecycles. Once the buggy has reached its end of life, rental companies typically use its parts for other buggies, ensuring nothing goes to waste. 

Ultimately, renting a buggy helps your business meet your sustainability goals, reduce your carbon footprint, and satisfy your stakeholders. 

Safety ensured

Safety is one of the primary objectives of companies today, as the consequences of downplaying it can be catastrophic. Rental buggies are well maintained and up to date with service periods. Additionally, they are also provided with driver training manuals, and risk assessments.

The conditions for operating a buggy for commercial purposes are stringent, and businesses will have to comply with sizing dimensions, permits, and work regulations according to different states and territories. This can take a considerable amount of time, especially for those new to purchasing buggies. 

Buggy hire is a stress-free way to eliminate all the hassle. For example, when you hire a buggy at 1800BUGGIES, the ATVs will arrive at your preferred location fully inspected and operational. We’ll also ensure that the buggies meet all safety standards and requirements and will swap over your vehicle within 24 hours if your buggy needs service or repairs. This helps you ensure your staff have a safe working environment. 

Key takeaway 

Renting a buggy has many benefits over buying one, saving your company costs and time, plus improving efficiency. For businesses that want a flexible option and to reduce their overheads, ATV buggy hire should definitely be part of your business operational plan. 

1800BUGGIES has Australia’s largest fleet of utility vehicles that helps businesses save time and money in their operations. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve serviced clients from governments, mining companies, festival organisers and many more to improve efficiency.  

For more information on hiring a buggy car for your business or event, contact our team