How A Specialty Construction and Mining Buggy Can Boost Your Business

October 12th, 2023


All-terrain vehicles have proven to be efficient helpers in various industries and uses, specifically in construction and mining. These flexible, productive, and safe vehicles allow workers to navigate challenging terrains and carry out a wide range of tasks.

But if you’re wondering whether your buggy could do more, you’re probably right.

With constant industry changes and a greater push for productivity, ATV manufacturers have developed significant upgrades that can boost your business efficiency. Hence, businesses that want to think outside the box with their ATVs should consider upgrading their buggies to expand their limits.


In this article, we’ll explore how two special features, Tweels and Track Kits, have become crucial upgrades for construction and mining buggies.


Getting To More Places

While ATVs are meant for all terrains, they will inevitably get caught in especially rocky or uneven terrains. More drastically, traditional ATV tracks commonly risk tyre punctures on terrains with sharp rocks, freshly dosed tracks, and shrubs. For construction projects, navigating these terrains is crucial for surveys, seismic exploration, and drilling projects.

With a Tweels upgrade, you can increase the capability of your construction buggy by driving it anywhere without the puncture risk. Tweels are Michelin tyre upgrades that are 100% puncture-proof - allowing workers to overcome literally any obstacle without stress.

Besides Michelin’s Tweels, Track Kits are another upgrade that truly gives meaning to the term ‘all terrain.’

These tracks can be fitted into a standard buggy to replace the existing wheels and tyres to significantly reduce the ground pressure by providing the ATV with a larger footprint. This allows your buggy to float over very soft terrain like snow and mud compared to tyres, which would dig in and create deep ruts.


Staying Ahead Of Time-Sensitive Operation

A core component of efficiency is being able to react in time-sensitive situations. In mining, for example, getting into tunnels for underground projects must be done in a timely manner with minimal stops in the traffic flow. So it’s imperative that you do not get a puncture and stop costly production time.

In this aspect, Tweels are vastly superior in ensuring there’s no downtime for any operations. Its puncture-proof capabilities maintain no air pressure, all while providing excellent handling, cornering, and stability for mining operators.


Doing More With Less

While upgrading your ATV may be costly, it often brings minimal effort with maximum benefits. For example, workers generally have to consider lugging around spare wheels, tools, and repair kits in the event of a puncture. This not only decreases the storage space of your vehicle but also makes you less efficient. Why plan for a puncture when you can eliminate it altogether?

Tweels achieve the high performance of pneumatic tyres without the inconvenience and downtime caused by flat tyres. Because they cannot be punctured, it eliminates the need to carry around the spare necessities needed.

The context of achieving more with less also extends to managing different terrains.

The increased overall vehicle ground clearance and greater flotation traction that tracks provide are ideal in waterways, creeks, and wet conditions.


Saving Cost

If your ATVs are constantly on muddy or soggy ground, then spending on a track upgrade is a worthwhile investment. Because traditional ATV tyres have a smaller surface area, they are more likely to get stuck, sink, and develop a rut. To climb out of this rut, the buggy uses more fuel to pull the equipment out.


In comparison, a Track Kit can increase the surface area and minimise impacts on the ground. To put it into context, tracks on a loaded ATV can save businesses an average of 11-15% of fuel compared to traditional tyres.

There’s also the indirect cost savings from increased productivity, output, and workers' safety. Tracks can offer up to four times the contact patch on the ground than a typical ATV with wheels - spreading the weight of the vehicle over a much larger area. This improves the worker's stability and confidence, allowing them to perform better and safer on the job.

Upgrading your construction and mining buggy

The latest Tweel and Track Kit upgrades can certainly advance the performance of buggies in construction and mining. If your business is ready to experience the superiority of these upgrades without bearing the costs, consider renting them for your next project.

1800BUGGIES is Australia’s largest rental fleet of ATVs and other utility vehicles. We provide Tweels and Track Kits upgrades for all our ATVs for hire, so you can get the best performance at a fraction of the cost.