Medical Mule

1800 BUGGIES are a leading hirer of Medical Mules and we know that even with a perfect plan, things can still go wrong. What matters is how prepared you are to respond. At any major event, medical emergencies are always just moments away. Notoriously unpredictable and rarely easy to handle, you need to be prepared to deal with anything that life throws your way.

High Risk Events

Our Medical Mule is a must-have for any large-scale or high-risk event, to give you peace of mind, and to keep you and your attendees safe, no matter what. This upgraded and modified 4×4 diesel mule buggy features power steering and automatic transmission, keeping the driving experience as easy as possible no matter where you need to go, leaving you to focus on the situation at hand.

Ample Storage

Featuring ample storage room for medical equipment, trauma supplies and oxygen, a movable attendant’s seat, retractable IV pole and secure attachment points for a long board, the Medical Mule is the perfect companion for any first aid team. Ready for hire and rental anywhere in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland – including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne – it is clear why the Medical Mule is a must-have for your next event.

To find out why we are known as the leading hirer of Medical Mules for events and projects throughout Australia call our friendly team on 1800 BUGGIES (2844437) now.