ATV & UTV Hire

Our fleet of ATVs and UTVs are versatile, high-performing and go-anywhere that outperform golf buggies.


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Utility Vehicle Sales

Contact us to search for new & used Utility Vehicle (UTV) and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in Australia. 180

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Utility Vehicle Transport

We pride ourselves on our ability to transport high-quality ATV and UTV buggies. Anywhere and anytime.

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From bump in to bump out, when the organisers of large events are putting together their plans, we’re there to help make their lives easier.

Our vehicles are used to transport security, event managers and VIPs, move guests from the car parks to the event, and carry event set up equipment across the event sites.

We help customers who need to set up an event in a hurry. We have a large fleet located across our sites in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and can move vehicles in order to make sure we have enough coverage in the locations our customers need them. Our quotes are offered with no obligation, so call us today on 1800 BUGGIES (2844437).

We know that our customers want their events to run in the most efficient way possible, which means the right equipment, right place – and right price.

We have a broad range of event vehicles in our fleet to move both people and loads. Our reliability and service are also second to none.


Our fleet includes:

  • Polaris Ranger Crew UTV Transport
  • Buggy Transport
  • Kawasaki mules
  • Kubota RTVs
  • Landboss UTVs
  • Kubota utility vehicles
  • ATVs
  • Medical mules

Utility vehicles for hire

Need more features, benefits and power than your traditional golf cart? Check out our utility vehicles for hire if you want to move loads around your event or festival site. Hiring your vehicle means you can choose the right vehicle for your specific event, from smaller more economical vehicles to larger utilities for when you need more power and traction. Need advice to find the perfect vehicle for your next event? Call us today.


Utility vehicle sales

If you've been hiring your vehicle for some time and have found the perfect utility vehicle for your events, it may be time to take the next step and purchase your utility from our fleet. 1800 BUGGIES experienced advisors can help you find the utility that best fits your event needs. We promise reliability, expertise and we'll never recommend a feature that we don't think you need. Ready to take the next step and purchase your vehicle? Call us today on 1800 BUGGIES (2844437).


Utility vehicle transport

Whether we’re transporting our own vehicles or yours, 1800 BUGGIES take pride in our work. We know that behind every successful event is a reliable, top-of-the range transportation fleet. That's why we treat your vehicle like our own, and make sure that when your utility arrives at your next event site, it arrives ready to work. Our transportation team are experienced professionals who know how to take care of the fleet, and we'd be proud to be your partner in making sure the vehicle arrives safe to the next event. Call us today for a no-obligation quote on 1800 BUGGIES (2844437).

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